“The goals of each NEDA walk are to raise money for the National Eating Disorders Association in order fund awareness, prevention, service and treatment programs. This year we raised $7,160 and had 82 walkers, and were able to work with several community partners such as Dine Monte Nido, a treatment group based in Ardmore, in order to raise awareness about these important issues. Hopefully we will be able to build on this momentum and have an even bigger event next year!”

– Phoebe Jordan, Swimmer ’15



Polar Plunge


On January 24th, four members of SAAC went to Neshaminy State Park to participate in the Eastern Polar Plunge. Diana Kelley, Mikah Farbo, Ashley Arbuckle and Caroline Cosby all ran into the Delaware River to raise awareness for Pennsylvania Special Olympics. With the water temperature at 38 degrees and wind chills that made everyone feel colder, the plungers were definitely chilled to the bone after their 2-minute plunge. The pain was worth the while though, as the event raised thousands of dollars for our D-III community partner. Plus, Dunkin Donuts was a sponsor of the plunge, so everybody got free donuts! All in all, the four athletes had a fun morning and were proud to have been “freezin’ for a reason.”

– Caroline Cosby, Volleyball #9

Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge

Fall 2014 – Owls Giving Back


This fall, BMC athletes competed in almost 100 games, meets, matches, and regattas.  When they were not competing, they helped give back to the community.  Below is a list of some of the activities:

– Owls Fight for a Cure: Raised almost $1,000 to provide women at the Bryn Mawr hospital an opportunity to receive breast cancer screenings.

– Rally: Worked out with adults who have mental disabilities 2 times per week.

– Free to Breathe 5k: Ran and raised money to support research for lung cancer.

– Soccer Clinic: Held a clinic for children from the Lower Merion Soccer Club’s Special Needs Program.

– The Volleyball Team had their annual Tanner’s Touch Match, which raises funds and awareness for pediatric cancer.

The Owls will continue to give back this semester with many activities already planned!

– Holly Constants, Field Hockey #2, Basketball #3

Basketball runs Mini Clinic


On March 19, the Basketball Team ran a mini basketball clinic for the girl’s middle school basketball team from the Baldwin School.  Their “All Your Hoops and Dreams” program allowed them to take a few days off from school work and learn more about basketball.  The Owls took them through their daily warm up and worked on specific skills, such as passing, dribbling, defensive stance, and boxing out.  Near the end, the girls were able to play in a little scrimmage and we ended with a fun basketball dribbling relay race with the girls and the BMC players!

– Holly Constants, Basketball #3, Field Hockey #2

Basketball Mini Clinic

Basketball Mini Clinic


Owls Fight for a Cure


On February 15th, the Bryn Mawr Basketball Team had their annual Owls Fight for a Cure game.  The team raised money by selling raffles for women at the Bryn Mawr hospital to get breast cancer screenings.  The raffles included an iPod shuffle, a Bryn Mawr parking permit, and gift cards for Hope’s Cookies, Wayne’s Sporting Goods, manicures, Wawa, Uncommon Grounds, and Starbucks!  Additionally, on the day of the game there were ribbons with names of people in the community who died from breast cancer, fought breast cancer, or are currently fighting breast cancer.  Thank you to everyone who supported these efforts!  The Basketball and Swim Teams combined raised over $1,000!! We look forward to continuing to support the fight against Breast Cancer!

– Holly Constants, Basketball #3, Field Hockey #2

Owls Fight for a Cure Basketball Game 2014 - The team in their Breast Cancer shirts and pink socks!

Owls Fight for a Cure Basketball Game 2014 – The team in their Breast Cancer shirts and pink socks!

Owls Fight for a Cure Owl
                           Hoot Hoot!




“Over the past semester numerous athletes have gotten involved in Rally. Rally works with a groups of adults with mental disabilities in the Center for Creative Works. Our athletes have spents three hours a week, split between Bryn Mawr’s gym and the Center for Creative Works in helping these people get up and get active. This program attempts to help these adults become self sufficent in addition to aiding their communication skills. When at Bryn Mawr we start out by stretching and talking before getting into some physical activities. Then half way through we get a rest where we talk again about what each member thinks about the activities or the world around them. We then continue working out for another half hour. On Fridays we go to the Center for Creative Works. Here we put a greater emphasis on the discussion, going around and asking questions of the members and making sure everyone has a chance to get their voice heard. Afterwards we go and work out in the center. Every few weeks we attempt to have a different unit of althetics and converstation. These units range from bowling, to the weather, to hockey to the olympics. We attempt to get a wide range of topics which everyone can talk about. We are continuing the program this semester, hoping to maintain the same enthusiasm and interest which we had last semester. We hope more athletes will join the program so we can develop and grow it in the years to come.”

– Veronica Roux, Basketball #44, Soccer #21

Team Tony


“On Sunday November 3rd I had almost 30 friends and family members join me in a 5K run/walk to raise awareness for Lung cancer. In our 4th year of participation, Our Team, “Team Tony”, raised $2,215 and had a wonderful morning together. Thank you to all of you for supporting me during this bitter sweet 2nd anniversary of my Dad’s passing. Overall, there were 3,068 participants and over $368,200 has been raised so far.” – Laura Kemper, Bryn Mawr Athletic TrainerP1010323[1]

“Go into the world and do well, but more importantly go into the world and do good.”

There are lots of amazing events happening in the Bryn Mawr Athletics Community besides the sports we play. This fall the field hockey team decided to implement an outreach program to get our team out into our community to share our love for field hockey.  The original idea was to bring field hockey to kids who didn’t have access. However, this idea turned into so much more. In the beginning stages of the idea, I decided to contact a few organizations in Philly and found Playworks, an after school program that recognizes the importance of play in student’s lives. They helped me connect our team with schools in the city. We applied for the FUNdamental Field Hockey Program through USA Field Hockey and we were lucky to receive 25 brand new sticks, balls, and cones to take to our locations. Our team planned a day to visit Bache-Martin Elementary in December to test out how this idea would work.  We were escorted by a Playworks member to their gym where we were soon greeted by 15 students eager to meet and play with us. We warmed up with the kids by playing tag and showing them a field hockey stick. Most of the kids had never seen one before.  We went through a few drills and competed in relay races. They were all amazed, especially the girls that eight college students came to spend time with them and continually asked us when we were coming back.

We went back to Bache-Martin in late January again and many of the kids remembered who we were and they had even retained the skills that we taught them on the first visit. We plan to continue visiting schools about every two weeks to share field hockey with students. In the fall we hope to plan a day for the kids to visit Bryn Mawr to see a game and to see a college campus.

I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful team and a wonderful group of coaches who support this mission. We are truly making an impact on the kids we meet.  My hope is to involve other teams to create an even bigger impact and to spread our love for sports and for higher education to as many kids as we can.  Service is free and something everyone no matter how busy, should give unconditionally. Our field hockey team is not only improving on the field, but making a difference off of the field. Here at Bryn Mawr we have to opportunity to do well, to get a great education, build relationships and gain experience for the future, but most importantly, we are able to see a need for service and for change and get to make that difference.

Stay tuned to stories, pictures and videos from the new athletic community service initiative!

-Maddy Beckmann, Field Hockey #13

Volunteer With Us!

owls ffacOwls Fight for a Cure

Bryn Mawr athletes raise money during games and events for Bryn Mawr Hospital’s Women’s Health Center.

Athlete Contact: Holly Constants (



Volunteer to help those with mental health disorders learn wellness and exercise tips through a partner program.


Athlete Contact: Mikah Farbo ( or Ashley Arbuckle       (

playworksPlayworks Philly

Volunteer in Philly public schools’ after school program to keep kids active and share our love for sports, wellness and teamwork.

Athlete Contact: Maddy Beckmann (